MINNEAPOLIS (December 3, 2013) ‐  The MoneyPass Network has introduced a new, more feature‐rich ATM locator that is location aware and offers best‐in‐class design.  The ATM locator is found on the MoneyPass website at

Providing cardholders with an easy‐to‐use ATM locator is essential because ATMs in the MoneyPass Network are owned by other organizations.  The locator makes finding a MoneyPass  ATM easy, and gives cardholders faster access to surcharge‐free cash withdrawals.  

With a focus on mobile users, the new ATM locator allows users to find ATMs based on their current location. The website and ATM locator were also created using responsive design, which optimizes the site for the device being used.

“The very nature of our business is providing surcharge‐free ATM access to MoneyPass cardholders in convenient locations both at home and on the road,” said Douglas Miraglia, President of the MoneyPass Network.  “Our website usage shows that more and more cardholders are finding ATMs on mobile devices.  We want to make it as easy and user friendly as we can for cardholders using any device to find MoneyPass ATMs.”

In addition, enhanced Microsoft Bing™ map features were added, such as satellite and street views of a location, as well as filter selection options to increase the functionality of the locator.

MoneyPass chose SpatialPoint to create the new locator.  “We wanted to partner with a locator vendor who would work with us to provide a customized solution to meet our specific needs,” said Miraglia. “We’re pleased to have worked with MoneyPass to create this new ATM locator,” said Alex Machinis of SpatialPoint.  “The end result is a tool that helps MoneyPass cardholders find convenient ATMs in a quick and easy manner.  This new locator will add significant value to the MoneyPass brand.”

About MoneyPass

MoneyPass is a network of Elan Financial Services, one of the nation’s leading providers of comprehensive ATM and debit card processing solutions for financial institutions and Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs). MoneyPass provides surcharge‐free access at more than 23,000 ATMs across the United States, allowing cardholders to access their money where they live, work and travel. With more than 1,600 participating organizations and 60 million active cards, MoneyPass is a rapidly growing surcharge‐free network whose emphasis is on cost‐efficient membership options, flexible terms and accessible locations. MoneyPass cardholders can easily locate MoneyPass ATMs by visiting the online ATM locator at For more information, call 1‐800‐343‐7064 or visit